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About Carl Closs

Carl Closs is a former educator and business executive who has dedicated his retirement since 1997 toward helping children and adults discover the real George Washington. When you attend one of Carl's highly entertaining presentations, you'll realize his portrayal goes a lot deeper than simply dressing in a buff and blue uniform. Carl has spent countless hours poring through the General's original writings. This allows him to communicate little known, instructive facts to audiences that range from elementary school classes and assemblies to business organizations and civic groups.

While Carl now appears before groups located from coast to coast, he grew up and still resides in Southeastern Pennsylvania, an area that brims with a rich Revolutionary War heritage from the birthplace of our nation at Independence Hall to the windswept hills of Valley Forge. Not surprisingly, he developed a fascination with history and after a tour in Vietnam with the U.S. Army he obtained a Bachelor's Degree and began his career in education. Carl taught school in Australia, Vietnam and the United States before he entered the commercial sector. He spent the next 25 years in corporate management in the fields of book publishing, corporate training and management consulting.

Carl utilizes his experiences as a soldier, educator, business executive and Washingtonian scholar to skillfully draw strong parallels between the way Washington responded to difficult challenges and situations all of us face today at home, on the job, in society or in the classroom.

Children will learn, for example, that Washington was unfailingly polite and courteous to everyone - even his enemies. On a lighter note, children and their teachers are often amazed to discover Washington was so strong he could crack a walnut between his thumb and forefinger. Carl even offers schools a free attractively framed portrait of George Washington.

When he speaks to a business audience, Carl usually focuses on Washington's management style and business success. The group might learn that Congress gave Washington virtually unlimited powers at one point during the Revolutionary War because Congress knew he would not abuse that power. Not surprisingly, this trait characterizes most of today's successful CEOs whereas individuals who abuse their power tend to be given little power and their careers suffer.

If you want to learn how Carl can help make your next school, business or civic group event a revolutionary success, contact him today.


George Washington, portrayed by Carl Closs, with Sean Hannity of Fox TV, Pennsylvania Governer Ed Rendell, special military ceremony at Branson, MO

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    Your portrayal of General George Washington at our annual birthday celebration was fabulous. I marveled at how you linked the actions of a man who lived in the 18th Century to current day situations. Our visitors loved it!
    Kevin Knight, Vice President
    Brandywine Battlefield Park Associates

    Your visit helped make our annual commemoration of George Washington's birthday extra special. The stories you told were both authentic as well as extremely entertaining. It is my belief that you serve a wonderful and vital service in keeping the memory of George Washington alive and well.
    John Hurson, Majority Leader
    Maryland House of Delegates

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