George Washington portrayed by Carl ClossGeorge Washington portrayed by Carl ClossGeorge Washington portrayed by Carl ClossGeorge Washington portrayed by Carl Closs

George Washington Portrayed by Carl Closs

George Washington's Presidency (1789-1797) set the gold standard for what it means to be the President of the United States of America. His impact on our country, and the world, is so immense that it has been the subject of thousands of books, movies and Doctoral dissertations. Washington's selflessness, sound judgment, moderation and "steady hand at the wheel" allowed our fragile Republic to rise to greatness in the decades that followed- and become a beacon of liberty for people around the globe. Abigail Adams summed it up when she wrote: "Mark his majestic fabric, he's a temple sacred by birth, and built by hands divine. He is polite with dignity, affable without familiarity, distant without haughtiness, grave without austerity, modest, wise and good."

Whether you're an educator who wants to help students experience history, a businessperson who must top last year's popular off-site meeting or a civic group volunteer tasked with finding a dynamic speaker, you won't go wrong by emulating our Founding Fathers.

They relied on George Washington to save the day.  You can count on nationally known George Washington "living biographer" Carl Closs to help make your event a revolutionary success.

Carl is a former educator and senior business executive who has dedicated his retirement toward helping children and adults discover George Washington. His portrayal goes much deeper than simply donning a uniform.  Carl is a serious scholar and lively speaker who delights audiences with little-known, instructive and entertaining Washington facts that parallel the challenges and situations we face today in our homes, classrooms and workplaces.  Plus, Carl will work closely with you to custom tailor his performance to meet your exact requirements. Download Brochure and Client List


Engagements:                Washington's World:

Brandywine Battlefield Sept. 11 Remembrance - George Washington portrayed by Carl Closs

Carl is available for lectures and special events of all kinds. He will tailor his comments and repertoire to the needs of your group.

General George Washington (Carl Closs), General Lafayette (Ben Goldman) and Colonel Alexander Hamilton (Gene Pisasale) at the Battle of Brandywine Reenactment 2014

Battle of the Brandywine Reenactment 2014 - General Washington (Carl Closs), General Lafayette (Ben Goldman) and Colonel Hamilton (Gene Pisasale)

George Washington at Longfellow Wayside Inn in Sudbury Massachusetts

Longfellow's Wayside Inn - Sudbury, MA
General Washington (Carl Closs) with John Adams and militia minuteman

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